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the most eco-friendly product !

All photo 2018-2020 years from our real local region where is collect honey (press on photo for change scale)

Dear honey fans!
I invite you to buy our 100% natural fresh HONEY 2020 in Moscow city and Moscow region which is directly delivery from our apiaries from Volgograd and Krasnodar Region (Lazarevsky, Belorechensk and Apsheron districts), and also from Amur region, there is most eco-friendly regions of Russia! Each from regions is well-known and famous producing of quality HONEY! Test it today, and we will deliver it asap to you! Accept any payments (card-to-card, account-to-account, cash and paypal AFTER DELIVERY)
More than 90% of our honey collect from wild-growing melliferous herbs! ORDER: mob. +7 977 639 69 01 (WhatsApp).
Available to buy ALWAYS MORE THAN 10 SORTS of the most tasty HONEY and OUR NATIVE BEE ROYAL JELLY (frozen). BEST PRICES in Moscow!
us now!

Acacia Honey

Delicate aroma and taste of flowers of a white or yellow acacia does not crystallize a long time around year,this honey is transparent and light "as tear", has caramel smack, white to yellow color and it is ideal appetizer for cheese, meal and wine. Also it is the best choice for use as "base" for massages and cosmetic procedures. Usually, Acacia honey is hypoallergenic.

Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is very exclusive, very delicacy and rare honey for gourmets with bitterness taste. It has dark-amber color. Honey collect only in several southern regions of Russia, Krasnodar region, South Caucasus and some other, where is chestnut grows.

This honey increases appetite, stimulates a work of liver, exerts beneficial influence at treatment of respiratory diseases, prostatitis and cystitis, neurosises. Run and begin to enjoy! Be fan of chestnut honey!

mountain honey

It is the most fragrant honey from eco-friendly mountain herbs and flowers (thyme, marjoram, melissa and other) with smart aroma and unique taste, with slight irritation and fine aftertaste at all seasons of the year. Honey has color from yellow to dark red. Fine demulcent, antimicrobic, toning and antibacterial impact on an organism.

It is effective as supportive application from sleeplessness and at treatment of atherosclerosis. Hit for any season!

 buckwheat honey

Tart taste with easy sourness, saturated aroma, dark color from dark brown to black, quick crystallization is true indicators of one from most popular buckwheat honey.

It is strong antioxidant, antibacterial impact on an organism, improves your sight and memory, it is very effective at treatment of anemia. In combination with other melliferous herbs turns out very pleasant creamy honey with soft taste and gentle aroma.

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linden honey

Linden honey don't needs any recommendations. It is one of the most popular and fragrant honey, what loved by fans and local buyers and have unforgettable taste with slight irritation. However (by reason more than 40 species of sorts of lime trees in the nature), this honey have different tastes from the region to region. Linden honey from seaside is not same linden honey from Bashkiria region, and honey from southern wild linden is not same linden honey from Midland of Russia (Penza, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Tambov). This honey is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and expectorant impact at treatment of diseases of upper airways and alimentary canal.


coriander honey

Coriander is better known beetween us under "cilantro", it is one of very popular honey from south region of Russia. Honey have color dark red or dark yellow color, spicy and tart to taste, especially for male (it is considered aphrodisiac). This honey quickly crystallized, some crystal large. Coriander honey recovery processes in human body therefore it is popular among athletes. This honey improves sight, reduces sugar level in your blood, eliminates diarrhea and meteorizm and.. it's natural aphrodisiac for men and women.

gallery/кориандр кинза

sunflower honey

Sunflower honey is one from the most inexpensive and popular sort of honey. Sunflower honey is a champion in substance of glucose content content among the honey! Therefore, this honey is good as supportive application at treatment of cardiovascular diseases and  alimentary canal. Honey has saturated aroma and taste with easy sourness by reason of high content of pollen (attention please for allergic persons !). The main indicators of hoeny - very quickly crystallized, some crystal is large, honey color from light-yellow to yellow-brown and golden. Fans of massage use this honey one "base" for additive of various ingredients.


floral honey

It is the most underestimated honey because it collected from medicative herbs and flowers. Floral honey is polifloral, however his advantage so more than from any other honey. Usually, honey has not too strong taste and aroma. Honey color change from golden greenish to dark-amber (depending on region of collecting and structure of melliferous herbs.)

Floral honey use as one effective immunostimulating and all-strengthening remedy, as means for accelerating metabolism and recreation.


garden and forest flowers honey

Very rare fine combination of aromas and taste from garden and forest melliferous herbs. A hawthorn, black mountain maple, linden, cherry, pear, apple-tree, etc., what give unique flavoring feelings and aromas with very pleasant aftertaste. Color of honey usually dark-amber with reddish shade.

This honey used for improvement of composition of blood, increase  immunity and dietary and antimicrobic means.


Thyme and mint honey

Rare and exclusive "guest" among honey because bees don't like  thyme as source of nectar and pollen... However, when their choice is not big, we got honey just amazing. Dark-amber color, saltish spiciness and caramel consistence after collecting, strong aroma of this grass like it pleasantly from the first test. And combination with wild mint, marjoram, melissa gives unique aftertaste. Honey from  thyme is champion in content of organic acids and vitamins, recovery your force and increase in immunity! It is unambiguous "honey with male character", however it is woman selective also! Allergic persons should be careful in case of using it sort of honey.

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bees royal jelly


Bees Royal Jelly... good sounds for all beekeeping expert... very useful product!


If you want to revitalize your body, recover after injuries and  medical operations or difficult treatment, this means is precisely for you!


Nothing can be compared with Royal Jelly by content of useful ingredients, percent of digestibility and immune efficacy of human body.


This means is created by nature and only with advantage for all of us! Test it and positive effect will arrive obligatory!

Long safe keeping up to 2 years this product available in freezer only under temperature -18-24 (C).


Comb-Honey always demanded by true fans of 100% natural honey and who wants to take maximum effect from honey.

At first, this honey cannot be forged, mixed and heated (one word - to spoil).

Secondly, comb-honey has very rich inside via content of useful ingridients (pollen, perga, propolis, beeswax)!

Finally, some sorts of honey (for example, acacia, chestnut) is very long remain liquid and do not crystallize (sometimes more than 1 year). Therefore honey in honeycombs - an ideal gift who want and like to to be guaranteed for natural honey!




Melilotus honey has gentle vanilla aroma, delicate taste, fine-grained oily structure, what made it extremely popular among women and children. Colorof honey from white cream to yellow.

Has spasmodic-less and anti-inflammatory effect on an organism, it is often applied at treatment of neurosises, headaches, varicosity, and also for stimulation of lactation for nursing mothers. It is used also for effective immunostimulating and means for accelerating metabolism and recreation.

melilotus honey

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1. Check before our assortment of honey                 and select what do you want to order (check available honey on stock). Later you can call us via mobile phone +7 977 639 69 01 and say your list order or send to same mobile phone SMS with list order (sorts and quantity) and your contact details. All remaining we will make for you with pleasure, calculate and prepare bill to payment and shipping, packing it well and delivery your order to your door. Nothing advance payment, only after delivery! If you would like test our sorts of honey before payments, tell us before your order (free).



2. You can send to us  via web:                                form "Contact" message with your order and details. We will recall you for confirmation your order and will accept comfortable time and place for delivery.


3. We accept all payment - Bank-to-bank (w/o TVA), Card-to-card, Cash, Paypal after delivery and cheking order with you! 



4. You can pay for your order via Paypal.

Check your sorts of honey - Place order to Basket on Website - -Send us your contact details(full name, box postal, phone) and full address for delivery (before payment you need to have registered account in Paypal). Don't forget before sending message check and add cost for delivery from "Shop" catalog. After this steps, press "Buy now".


Order 3500+ Rub. - delivery via Moscow city - FREE!

Delivery Moscow city (inside MKAD) - from 200 Rub.

Delivery Moscow city (outside MKAD) - from 300 Rub.+20Rub./km

Self-service Point - 111396, Mocow city, Novogireevo station, Str. Svobodny prospect 20.


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Our company ART BUSINESS GROUP LTD. was founded in Samara city, Russia, in March 2010. Now we work in Moscow city in legal beekeeping area and trading of ECO-friendly product and meal. We have a few own apiaries in Krasnodar region and we have all necessary documents and authorisation for same deal on Russian market. 


















I'm Aleksandr Novokreshchenov, CEO and shareholder of my own company. I am responsible for quality of our natural product from apiaries and from our partner, who are also local beekeepers working in various region of Russia (Altay region, Amur region, Tambov region, Bashkiria region). Not any intermediaries, not any antibiotics and not any ingredients into honey (except natural), never overheat of honey and forever for obligatory personal (!) control for technology of collecting, production and qualitative analysis of each delivery is my conditions which I demand in  cooperation with beekeepers.

My exclusive product for Russian market is Royal Jelly. It require very careful and accurate production, special conditions for transportation and storage.

Our quality of products for our clients in Moscow, Moscow region and Russia - 100% natural and honey, Royal Jelly and other products of beekeeping! More than 90% of our honey - from wild-growing melliferous herbs. Excluded any pesticides in production is guaranteed!

Therefore, if you wish to buy with 100% guarantee natural honey in Moscow and the Moscow region call us, your order will not take a lot of time, but result will be huge. Honey today is fine healthy natural product for light meal, fine gift, ideal option of flavoring and useful ingredient in food.

Thousands of happy our clients is the best indicator of quality of our work and quality of our production! Today my company is registered in Federal Electronic System named by "Mercury" as producer and supplier of products of beekeeping.

We offer to our clients all possible a gift boxes from wood, for corporate clients - individual sets and gifts, all orders will be on special conditions and on the special prices, with payment under Contract, cash or bank-to-bank payments. We work on USNO (15%) without the VAT.

Wish you and your family strong health, every happiness and every success!

FROM NATURE DIRECT TO EACH CLIENT BEST CHOICE - health, joy, inspiration and good mood !

With pleasure and huge satisfaction we help to realize to our  beekeepers their plans, helping and supporting their serious work. If you use products created by our nature, do not forget to be solicitous and accurate!


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I will accept any requests and i will provide all necessary documents from our company:

1. Veterinary certificates, including electronic in system RSHN "Mercury" (since 2018)
2. Passport of our apiary
3. Results of laboratory analyses of production on compliance to GOST
4. References (about registration of LLC, Ltd company)


Our deals via Federal System "Mercury" and "Argus":

Various packing for corporate gifts :

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